Thursday, July 28, 2011

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Seems Unstoppable!

Apple reported its earnings for Q2 last week and Jeff Macke of Yahoo! Breakout is upset - because he has nothing to complain about! It's no wonder, let's look at some numbers...

  • Apple's cash reserves grew 16%
  • Revenue growth is accelerating
  • Apple beat EPS estimates by more than 30%
  • Apple beat revenue forecasts by 15%.
  • Apple stock is trading at just over 18x earnings and in near a P/E of 15 .

This stunning outpacing of expectations is somewhat a reflection of the analysts covering the company, but
David Garrity, a Principal with GVA Research, believes that this momentum and rate of growth is sustainable, at least for the next few years and sets his price target at $525 per share over the next 12-18 Mos.

Here's an interview of Garrity explaining his views in greater detail. (Feed readers may need to read the full post to see the embedded video):



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