Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Captain Kirk is a Billionaire?!

Maybe so.

It appears that Octogenarian William Shatner, famous for playing Star Trek's Captain Kirk, is bolding going where few men his age get to go - the Billionaire's club!

According to this article, Shatner's Price Line stock was worth about $600 million when the stock was worth $300 per share. It's now close to $500 per share. It seems he opted to be paid in Price Line stock when he took the gig as "Priceline Negotiator", pitching the company in often hysterical commercials. That decision looked pretty bad when the stock was $2 a share, but it's looking pretty sweet now!

Congratulations William Shatner, you are an inspiration. Not just for those seeking wealth, but for all of us who refuse to get old and spend retirement retiring from life.


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