Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So much for Minyanville and the Ides of March?

Last week I wrote a post hi lighting an article at Minyanville that asks if March 2010 was going to be October 1987 all over again.

The premise was that there were major indicators that were signaling much in common with that fateful period 23 years ago, and there was some speculation that it could happen again.

Well, it's now 2 days past the ides and here's one of the lead articles from MarketWatch on Yahoo! finance:

Stocks Rally on Extended Low Rate Cheer; Dow Sees Best Run Since August

U.S. stocks finished ahead on Wednesday, propelling the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its longest winning streak since August 2009, as Wall Street rejoiced over the Federal Reserve's prior-session decision to hold rates steady, which should keep banks' borrowing costs at record lows for much of the year.

So much for the Ides of March, 2010 eh?


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